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Will Verizon Be Monitoring Patients?

Home health care continues to expand as payors require more monitoring of patients after they leave the doctor’s office or hospital.  Verizon is expanding into...
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ObamaCare: Will Medicaid Drugs Be Paid?

A little known section of ObamaCare provides that States who use a pharmaceutical managed care benefit for drugs dispensed to Medicaid patients will get a...
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Fraud: Michigan Doctor Misdiagnoses Cancer?

Although the majority of healthcare providers are honest people, doing great work, there are still some providers committing fraud.  This is one example in Oakland...
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EHR Meaningful Use: Stage 2 “Nightmare”

  Now that over 1/2 of healthcare providers are using electronic health records (EHR), what’s next?  Proving  “meaningful use” for Stage 1 was a breeze...
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Obamacare Boosts Alternative Medicine

Many people are not aware that ObamaCare provides coverage for alternative medicine.  Since millions of Americans greatly benefit from alternative types of medicine, this may...
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ObamaCare is Coming: Are You Ready?

  Some of our healthcare clients are thinking they won’t have to comply with ObamaCare because it will be repealed.  However, the National Journal recently...
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