Litigation and Dispute Resolution

At Rickard & Associates, we work hard to find the best dispute resolution available for our clients. We often find that alternatives to litigation, such as out-of-court settlements or alternative dispute resolution, are in the best interest of our clients. Our focus on meeting your business or personal objectives first and foremost means these options will be fully explored and analyzed before we recommend litigation. In those instances where litigation is unavoidable or provides the best potential outcome, our litigators are aggressive, accomplished advocates who will do everything within their power to achieve the results you desire and deserve.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in all areas of litigation, including business and corporate litigation, employment litigation, intellectual technology litigation, construction litigation, probate and estate litigation, healthcare litigation, real estate litigation, and more.  One of our successes involves a high-profile complex, multi-million dollar and multi-party litigation concerning the indigent care program in Wayne County. We also litigated one of the first cases in the U.S. involving the discrimination of a physician when implementing and Electronic Health Record (EHR).

We routinely represent clients in high stakes litigation and use thoughtful, strategic approaches to obtain the best outcomes possible.

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