Information Technology Law

We represent a variety of clients and help them with all of their information technology needs. As technology changes, so do the law and the regulations surrounding IT. We help our clients from all different industries ensure that their technology agreements are sufficient to protect their interests, maximize their profits, and comply with all regulations. We help clients protect their systems and data by entering into thoughtful, tailored agreements with their vendors.

IT contracts can be burdensome and contain many concerning provisions. We help our clients look for legal and practical pitfalls and put in place agreements that offer services with protection. We also work with our clients in the event of a dispute.

Rickard & Associates routinely helps clients with the following IT services:

  • Vendor agreements
  • Cloud agreements
  • Confidentiality & nondisclosure agreements
  • SaaS agreements
  • Data privacy and security
  • Licensing agreements
  • Software agreements
  • Technology agreements
  • Development/outsourcing agreements
  • Cyber insurance procurement
  • And more…

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