Estate Planning

What is Your Net Worth and Why You Need to Know

Many of our clients come in for estate planning advice and have no idea what their net worth is or how to determine their net...
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Is My Online Will Sufficient?

No. Many people look to the internet when preparing estate planning documents, like wills and trusts, but this can set you up for disaster. We...
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Is Now the Right Time for Estate Planning?

Many people are worried about money and trying to cut costs. However, estate planning is not an area to ignore. Now is the perfect time...
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When Do I Need an Estate Plan?

Now is the best time to meet with an attorney to discuss your estate planning needs. Many clients think they do not need a full...
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Will v. Trust – Which is Right for You?

It depends on your situation, but we will help explain the differences. We can help your practice stay on top of the latest healthcare news,...
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Why Do I Need an Estate Plan?

Many clients think they do not need a full estate plan, because they are not wealthy. While we may advise utilizing different legal documents or...
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Should I Use an Online Will?

No. While online wills may appear to be a quick and affordable option, they often lead to sizeable issues. We can help your practice get...
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Estate Planning Terms You Need to Know

Estate planning is an incredibly important tool, not just for the wealthy or those thinking about retirement. On the contrary, estate planning is something every...
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Do You Really Need an Estate Plan?

Yes! Wills and trusts are only for the wealthy, right? No, that’s no longer the case. Estate planning is for everyone that wants to protect...
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