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Have you ever considered whether your practice could have liability for questionable medical procedures performed by a doctor in your practice?  The answer is “yes.”  Lawyers regularly seek liability against  both the doctor and his/her employer.  If procedures are being performed that are inappropriate, your practice may be in the uncomfortable position of trying to… Read the rest »

In making a business decision, have you ever considered how much money you might make by hiring another doctor?  Have you considered how much it might cost your business if that doctor is employed by a competing practice?  In the world of health care, these type of business decisions can cost you millions. On September… Read the rest »

Do you have a financial interest in an ancillary healthcare service?  You could be accused of fraud.  Many doctors owned imaging services, diagnostic labs, pharmacies, physical therapy companies.  A new study suggests that you will order more of that service if you will benefit financially. “A new study has found that patients are more likely… Read the rest »

Homecare and outpatient physical/occupational therapy continue to be under scrutiny by the Federal Government.  These areas of healthcare are easy to commit fraud.  Recently, in Detroit, several defendants were convicted of healthcare fraud and sentenced to prison.  The defendants: “recruited and paid cash kickbacks and other inducements to Medicare beneficiaries in exchange for the beneficiaries’… Read the rest »

What does your office do to recruit new patients?  Newsletters, Advertising, etc?  Some healthcare providers hire “patient recruiters” to pick up patients and transport them to their practice.  BEWARE:  This can amount to fraud. In Brooklyn NY, a patient recruiter plead guilty to $13 million dollars in healthcare fraud scheme involving Cropsey Medical Center. “…Working… Read the rest »

To commit healthcare fraud you should 1) set your billing system to only bill the highest level codes; 2) have more billings than your closest competitor; 3) tell everyone about it.  These 3 things will guarantee the feds will come knocking on your door.  Sounds unbelievable? Unfortunately, it happens everyday. Recently, the CEO and a… Read the rest »

A 62 year old Maryland pharmacist was sentenced to 30 months in prison for healthcare fraud for billing Medicare and Medicaid for illegal prescriptions.  The US Attorney says he’s no different than a drug dealer. “Russo’s career as a pharmacist is over. Professionals, such as doctors and in this case a pharmacist, who knowingly abuse… Read the rest »

Many doctors and healthcare providers think they will never be accused of healthcare fraud.  “It can never happen to me,” is the attitude many doctors have.  But what if your competitor decides to be a whistle-blower against you?  What if you put that competitor out of business?  In many healthcare fraud cases, the competitor becomes… Read the rest »