Do You Have Remote Employees?

If so, is your practice protected? Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many practices, physician offices, and hospitals have allowed remote work for many employees. This increase...
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Will Your Practice be Targeted by Hackers?

If you operate a small practice, it’s likely that you will be targeted in 2018. We can help your practice stay on top of the...
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What Can You Learn From the Henry Ford Health System Breach?

Over 18,000 Henry Ford Healthy System patients had their protected health information hacked and there are many lessons to be learned for practices of all...
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Who are the top healthcare security threats?

There are many types of hackers that have been targeting healthcare organizations, and a variety of threats that come with the different cybercriminals. We can...
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What’s worse than a PHI breach?

Unfortunately other cyber threats exist that can be worse than a breach of your practice’s protected health information (PHI). We can help your practice stay...
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