Wait! Don’t Open that Email Attachment

We have all been there–we receive an email from an apparently trusted contact that contains an email attachment, and we open it.  Malicious computer hackers...
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How To Handle a HIPAA Breach

Has your practice’s policies and procedures been updated since the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”) issued the final rule to the Health...
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Stolen Technology: How to Protect Your Patients and Your Practice

Does your practice have an incident response plan if you loose a technology device or have a device stolen?  If you don’t, you should.  As...
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How to Avoid HIPAA Violations Using LinkedIn

If you or anyone associated with your healthcare practice’s email account is utilizing LinkedIn’s new Intro service, you need to be aware that it may...
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How To Avoid A HIPAA Breach from Your Photocopier

If your practice leases photocopy machines, you need to be aware that a copier hard drive may contain your patients’ protected health information (“PHI”).  It...
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How Providers Can Send HIPAA-safe E-mail to Patients Now!

Are you using unencrypted e-mail to communicate with patients?  Since the HITECH Act went into effect September 23, 2013, have the rules about e-mail changed?...
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Are You Ready? HITECH is Here

Ready, Set, Go!  HIPAA just got tougher.  On Monday, the HITECH Act took effect which requires healthcare providers to meet even a higher standard for...
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Will Your Doctor’s Office Be Attacked?

Increasingly, healthcare data is being transmitted on the internet.  Doctor’s offices are asking, “What will we do when we have a cyber attack?”  It’s not...
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