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Technology – more and more patients want their doctors to go digital.  We can help you stay current and up to date on important healthcare issues that will impact your practice.  (To subscribe to our blog click here) Many doctors are refusing or failing to provide patients with the digital access that patients desire. While there… Read the rest »

Looking for growing opportunities in healthcare?  Primary care is the place to look.  With the Affordable Care Act adding many more patients who will be insured and seeking care, primary care doctors are more and more in demand. US Statistics showed in 2010 that there was 9000 less primary care doctors than what was needed.… Read the rest »

Doctors are worried about ObamaCare.  They don’t know how many more patients there will be once the law goes into effect.  They don’t know how much they will be paid and whether it will cover the additional costs.  This is not an easy or advisable business model. “Imagine the government ordering millions of new customers… Read the rest »