What Happens After a Ransomware Attack?

Breaches, cyberattacks and ransomware can have a large impact on a healthcare facility. The aftermath is different for ever facility and some facilities are even...
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Healthcare Cyber Attacks During COVID-19

HIPAA has not changed during COVID-19, and is arguably more important now. During COVID-19, there has been in increase in healthcare breaches, cyber attacks and...
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What is the Future of Telehealth?

It is very hard to predict what comes after COVID-19 for telehealth. During COVID-19, many healthcare providers quickly made the switch to providing care remotely....
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How is your patient PHI stored?

If you use a file-sharing app, you might want to think twice. A Massachusetts hospital is paying a fine of $218,400.00 and must reevaluate its...
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Is your practice at risk of being hacked?

Yes, all medical practices are at risk. In fact, medical identity theft is more prevalent than ever and it’s affecting practices of all sizes. We...
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FREE HIPAA Risk Assessment Webinar!

Big news!!! On July 1, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. Renowned healthcare attorney Lori-Ann Rickard is teaming up with TRIARQ Health to discuss HIPAA Risk Assessments....
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