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Life is hectic, we know, so here’s a recap of the Healthcare Weekly Hot Topics you can’t afford to miss: 1) Appeals court affirms 45-year term for Oakland County cancer doctor. Crain’s, May 25, 2016. Farid Fata’s sentence for putting hundreds of patients through needless treatments was affirmed. 2) Diabetes Technology Society launches cybersecurity standard… Read the rest »

It is likely that hospitals will start to see more False Claims suits related to physician compensation. We can help your practice stay on top of the latest health care news, rules, regulations and trends.  Subscribe to stay current and up to date on important matters that will impact your practice.  (To subscribe to our… Read the rest »

Many doctors and healthcare providers think they will never be accused of healthcare fraud.  “It can never happen to me,” is the attitude many doctors have.  But what if your competitor decides to be a whistle-blower against you?  What if you put that competitor out of business?  In many healthcare fraud cases, the competitor becomes… Read the rest »