How to Prepare for an Audit

Audits have been ramping up, by the federal government and by payors. Given the many changes in billing and waivers due to COVID-19, payors are...
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Protect Your Practice: Check Your Tech

When is the last time you have completed a thorough risk assessment and updated your business associate agreements? If you are like many healthcare practices,...
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Are You Watching Your Billing?

You should be, because the government is watching your billing. One recent example is Ascension Michigan’s agreement to pay the government $2.8 Million for false...
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Are Audits Increasing?

The short answer is yes, audits are increasing following the COVID-19 pandemic. We can help your practice get up to date and prepared to minimize...
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Are You Ready to be Audited?

The time to prepare your practice for an audit is now. Failure to prepare could result in large fines and loss of patient trust. We...
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