Protect Your Practice: Check Your Tech

When is the last time you have completed a thorough risk assessment and updated your business associate agreements? If you are like many healthcare practices, that seems to fall by the wayside. 

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Over the last year, physician practices have had to deal with a pandemic, an increase in the use of telehealth, changing regulations, and skyrocketing breaches.

While many physician groups don’t feel that they have the time to prioritize updating business associate agreements, software agreements and risk assessments, it is essential to make time.

Patient records are a huge target of hackers and the government is ramping up audits. Now is the time to protect your practice.

How can you protect your practice from ransomware, hackings, and audits?

Make sure your risk assessment is up to date.

Work with a healthcare lawyer to audit records and ensure compliance.

Make sure you have performed necessary security updates and that your firewalls and encryption are sufficient to protect your data.

Revisit all of your existing contracts and business associate agreements. Are they up to date? Do they reflect your current agreement? And all current regulations? If not, it’s time to update them.

Train your staff so that they are fully aware of all policies and procedures, especially regarding technology.

Make sure you have adequate cyber insurance. We help our clients obtain cyber insurance, while conducting their risk assessments.

Finally, we know you’re busy. If you need help, ask for it. At Rickard & Associates, we help our clients get up to date and stay compliant with current regulations.

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