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A new report was recently published listing the top ten patient-safety concerns for healthcare organizations. These concerns include alarm fatigue, data integrity and over-reliance on healthcare IT leading to poor care coordination. We can help your practice analyze potential safety risks and prevent possible breaches and reduce other safety concerns. Subscribe to stay current and… Read the rest »

Many practices are not ready to deal with patients who refuse to share basic information such as a copy of their driver’s license. After Anthem and other large scale health care breaches, many patients are becoming more and more hesitant to share their information with their doctors. If Anthem can be hacked, so can your… Read the rest »

Very vulnerable. A visit to the doctor may put individuals more at risk for identity fraud than having their bank accounts hacked or credit cards stolen. Why? The health care industry is often behind banks and credit card companies in protecting sensitive information. We can help your practice get protected by completing a thorough HIPAA… Read the rest »