Amazon Alexa for Patient Monitoring?

Amazon is launching a new skill for its Alexa voice assistant to allow hospital clinicians call patients without physically entering the room.

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Several hospitals plan on deploying the new Alexa patient monitoring system for select properties. This includes Boston Children’s Hospital, Houston Methodist, Cedars-Sinai and more.

Patients will be able to communicate with their care staff, control devices in their room and get information from the voice assistant.

Hospitals will also be able to provide schedule changes and other information through the devices.

The update to Alexa will also allow medication tracking.

Should you implement more technology into your healthcare practice?

It depends on your practice and what you have in place.

While Alexa drop ins will surely save providers time, there are many patients that benefit from seeing physicians and nurses face to face.

Technology can benefit practices in many ways. From EHRs to connected devices to patient monitoring and telehealth. However, it is essential to know your patient base and know what to implement.

Many patients like apps on their phones for test results and appointment reminders. Other patients still prefer calls to remind them of their appointments.

Some patients love telehealth appointments, while others may fail to provide a full list of their symptoms and require in-person visits.

While technology is a useful tool, there is no substitute for real interactions with patients.

Knowing your patients and knowing your patient base is the best way to determine what technological services to implement.

We help our clients determine what services to implement and how to protect their patients’ protected health information when utilizing new technology.

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