How Millennial’s are Changing Healthcare

Millennial’s are changing healthcare with their demand for more tele-based medicine and cheaper insurance premiums.

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Millennial’s and Generation Xers have grown up in a tech-savvy world. They’re constantly using their phone or computer for everything, and healthcare is no exception. Recent studies have shown a shift between these two groups and Baby Boomers when it comes to the medical world. Millennial’s and Gen Xers are less likely to have a primary care physician (PCP) and seem to prefer walk-in clinics to setting up a specific appointment with their doc. They prefer the fast pace, with virtually no wait, something that most Baby Boomers are more accustomed to. 

This shift in want is causing physicians to shift their focus as well, especially in the years to come. Studies have shown that Millennial’s and Gen Xers place a high emphasis on the importance of tele-medicine. The convenience of seeing their doctor online is appealing to them, especially when living a fast paced life. Not only do they seem to place a high emphasis on tele-medicine, but they are also using online tools for more than just seeing their doctor. It has been found that Millennial’s, even more so than Gen Xers, want to learn about their doctor beforehand. They like looking at their rating as well as the potential costs of prescription drugs. And when it comes to paying for their insurance, they’re always looking for the best deal.

As Baby Boomers start to age, and Millennial and Gen Xers step in to the forefront, it’s important that physicians keep their wants in mind. May not this year, but in the years to come, physicians should consider making tele-medicine a larger part of their practice. And even consider having a faster paced, walk-in style clinic, as opposed to scheduling by appointment only.

How do you feel about the way Millennial’s are shaping healthcare? Do you feel like this trend toward tele-medicine will be difficult for physicians who are older and stuck in their ways? Or do you think they could embrace it and change with the times?

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