How training your compliance officer saves your income – Part 4

Healthcare providers work hard to earn a living practicing medicine.  In this multi-part series, we are discussing the need for a compliance program in order to avoid large, unnecessary fines and payouts.  As we all know, the fines and penalties for being non-compliant can be exorbitant.  Providers can be fined between $250,000 to $500,000 per offense.  Similar to having a CPA prepare your taxes every year because you want to save money and avoid tax penalties for making mistakes, a well run compliance program can save you your hard-earned income by addressing problems so you can avoid fines and unnecessary attorney fees.  

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In reviewing your compliance program, many providers merely select someone to be named as the “Compliance Officer” in order to put a name in the compliance manual.  Your practice may also have compliance liaisons at every office who assist the Compliance Officer.  

Many healthcare providers do nothing more.  Training your compliance officer and all your compliance liaisons can make the difference between detecting a problem early and addressing it before a major problem arises.

All compliance officers need training that includes:

  1. How to inform the staff how to report issues to the compliance officer;
  2. How to investigate a reported problem;
  3. How to record compliance activities without creating a “roadmap” to all your issues; and
  4. When to involve your attorney to make sure “attorney client privilege” is protected.

It is simply not enough to name someone as the “compliance officer.”  Proper training can help you find and detect issues before the government finds them.  

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