Lose a Flash Drive: Pay $1 Million Dollars?

Losing a flash drive can cost you $1 Million dollars.  Why?

The flash drive had health information on it.

The HIPAA fines and penalties underscore the importance of properly protecting devices with electronic PHI.

In December 2013, a dermatology practice in Massachusetts lost an unencrypted flash drive.  The flash drive had health information for 2,200 patients.

The government fined the practice for privacy and security violations.  The practice is also required to implement a costly corrective action plan to protect against other HIPAA breaches.

The practice also was fined for not having the required HIPAA policies and procedures.

Every practice must perform a HIPAA risk assessment in order to determine where their risks are.  If this practice had completed its review, it would have likely have determine how to protect all of its devices containing health information.

HIPAA obligations are not new.  Healthcare providers should be up to date on the requirements.  Moreover, healthcare providers should be encrypting their devices to protect against a potential breach.

If you or your entity needs assistance with HIPAA which protects and safeguards health information, please do not hesitate to contact our office – we can help.  For assistance CLICK HERE.

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