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Life is hectic, we know, so here’s a recap of the Healthcare Weekly Hot Topics you can’t afford to miss: 1) Ascension partners with Lyft to ease patient transportation. Modern Healthcare, December 20, 2016. Ascension partnered with Lyft to ensure that the most vulnerable patients always have a ride. 2) Sales Executive Pleads Guilty in… Read the rest »

Maybe. While it is impossible to guarantee an avoidance of malpractice suits, Stanford Hospital has developed a program that has significantly reduced its malpractice suits. We can help your practice stay on top of the latest healthcare news, rules, regulations and trends.  Subscribe to stay current and up to date on important matters that will… Read the rest »

Many practices are not ready to deal with patients who refuse to share basic information such as a copy of their driver’s license. After Anthem and other large scale health care breaches, many patients are becoming more and more hesitant to share their information with their doctors. If Anthem can be hacked, so can your… Read the rest »