Contracting 101: What You Need to Know

Employees and employers both come into contact with many different types of agreements and contracts all the time. Whether they are in regards to their...
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Are You Up to Date on Your Compliance Training?

The government is continuing to audit healthcare practices regarding compliance. It is essential that you are up to date on your compliance training and that...
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How Much Damage Can One Employee Do?

Unfortunately, a single employee can cost you your patients, your reputation, and large expenses in fines and penalties. Mistakes or bad acts by one employee...
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Worried About Whistleblowers?

Whether or not their concerns are justified, whistleblowers can wreak havoc on a healthcare entity. When a whistleblower suit is brought against a company or...
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How Often Do You Train Your Employees?

With remote work, telehealth, and the increase in hacking of healthcare entities, it’s essential you train your employees regularly on breaches and breach readiness. We...
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