New Payment Program: Will your practice be impacted?

It could be, but for now, it’s up to you and your practice.

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The Obama administration is launching a new way for Medicare to pay primary care physicians. The plan is called the “Comprehensive Primary Care Plus.”

This is a departure for the customary “fee-for-service” system currently in place.

Doctors will enroll in the program in which they will receive monthly care management fees to have more freedom in how they treat patients.

Physicians can choose to:

  1. Get a monthly fee in addition to the fee-for-service payments under the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for activities; or,
  2. Receive a hybrid of reduced Medicare fee-for-service payments and upfront comprehensive primary care payments for those services.

The Obama administration has created this program in an attempt to tie 50% of Medicare payments to alternative payment models by 2018.

The administration is expecting a lot of interest in the program and many applications from physicians.

The program is expected to lead to better care and smarter spending, through a care-based approached that allows doctors to spend more time with patients and not rely exclusively on tests and procedures for payment.

This is part of the recent quality-based initiative in healthcare.

Tell us what you think – Do you like the proposed Comprehensive Primary Care Plus model? Or do you prefer a fee-for-service approach? Let us know by commenting below!

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