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Last week marked the deadline to verify income to avoid losing, or having to pay back federal health insurance subsidies under the Affordable Care Act (ACA or ObamaCare). 300,000 people are expected to be affected by this income verification problem, and will be paying back subsidies to the government. The big problem? Most people are not… Read the rest »

For almost a year, ObamaCare has required drug companies to disclose to the public any payment made to a physician.  The Physician Payments Sunshine Act requires drug companies to report certain payments to physicians and teaching hospitals.  This reporting started in August 2013. As a result of this scrutiny, drug companies have significantly decreased payments made… Read the rest »

Your office should be searching out fraud everyday in order to make sure you get paid.   Using the Medicaid data base is a good place to start. Surprisingly, many states choose not to participate in a federal fraud data base called the Medicaid Interstate Match.  The data base matches Medicaid recipients social security numbers… Read the rest »

If you are not, you should be.  Hospitals and Physician are connecting more than ever before.   For example,  Ascension, the largest catholic health system in the country and Trinity, the second largest catholic health system, recently formed Together Health Network. Dr. Scott Eathorne, from The Physician Alliance, one of the largest physician groups in… Read the rest »

The simple answer is “Yes.” A growing number of criminals are using ObamaCare to steal your senior patient’s personal information. The government is warning seniors on Medicare: If someone asks for your personal information for a state insurance exchange under the new health care law, he’s probably a crook. Those exchanges don’t apply to seniors.… Read the rest »

Mergers of hospitals continue every day due to the consistent pressure on all healthcare providers to combine services and decrease costs.   Whether your local hospital will survive or not, depends greatly on the hospital’s ability to deliver great care at a competitive price.  This is especially true as consumers are getting more and more… Read the rest »

In the growing age of health technology, some doctors and patients are questioning whether patient care is being helped or hurt by the addition of the computer.  As with any new technology, new techniques must be developed to easily capture patient information and still interact with the patient. Technologies such as Electronic Health Records (EHRs)… Read the rest »

“Yes.” Insurance companies are flocking to ObamaCare for 2015 as they now see it as a money making opportunity. In 10 states, there are 27 new insurance companies that will offer ObamaCare plans.  This is a significant improvement from 2014.  Major insurers simply cannot afford to sit on the sidelines when 8 million Americans signed… Read the rest »