Are criminals contacting your patients?

The simple answer is “Yes.”

A growing number of criminals are using ObamaCare to steal your senior patient’s personal information.

The government is warning seniors on Medicare: If someone asks for your personal information for a state insurance exchange under the new health care law, he’s probably a crook. Those exchanges don’t apply to seniors.

No consumer, young or old, should give out medical information or pay up-front “enrollment” fees, the government says.

Those are just two of the scams that federal officials anticipate as more and more patients sign up under the Affordable Care Act.

What Should Your Office Know?

1)  Tell all patients never give out personal information to someone who contacts them saying they need to sign up for ObamaCare.   It’s likely a criminal.

2)  If the patient suspects fraud, they should call a toll-free telephone number 800-318-2596, TTY 855-889-4325.  This number will connect patients to federal call centers for reporting fraud or attempted identity theft.

3)  Anyone who is officially allowed to sign patients up for ObamaCare should be able to present official credentials.  If there is any doubt, the patient should ask for a number to call to confirm the person’s identity.

Every office should train their staff to know:  1) who qualifies for ObamaCare; 2) that Medicare is not affected by ObamaCare, and 3) where a patient can call if they suspect fraud: 800-318-2596.

Knowing these facts may save a patient from a criminal who is trying to steal their identity or money.

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