Will patients have more choices in ObamaCare insurance?


Insurance companies are flocking to ObamaCare for 2015 as they now see it as a money making opportunity.

In 10 states, there are 27 new insurance companies that will offer ObamaCare plans.  This is a significant improvement from 2014.  Major insurers simply cannot afford to sit on the sidelines when 8 million Americans signed up for ObamaCare.

What does that mean for the patients?  

More choices in where patients can get their healthcare.

In the past, patients got referrals from their primary care doctors or their local hospitals.  They often just went to the closest physician or hospital.  OR the doctor who was referred to them.  Patients did very little research in selecting their doctor or hospital.

With more insurance options, patients will have more choices.  Additionally, patients are getting more tools to research their doctors to determine which one is best for them.

With healthcare reform, doctors and other healthcare providers must be prepared to “win” the patient and “keep them.”  How?

Be Prepared to:

  1. Offer Great Customer Service
  2. Offer convenient evening and weekend hours
  3. Be available to the patient for questions via new forms of technology
  4. Investigate a patient portal where patients can get information about their care; and
  5. Be compliant with current laws and regulations!  Your reputation is more important than ever.

If you are not implementing these suggestions, you will quickly fall behind your competitors.

It’s never too late to start.  If you haven’t begun to adapt, start now.

If you need help with implementing these strategies and more, please do not hesitate to contact our office – we can help.

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