How to Prevent a Breach

The healthcare industry is a significant target of cyberattacks and insider snooping. It is essential that your practice adapt to fight and prevent hackers.

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Breaches are occurring at a more frequent basis as internet use continues to increase. Data sharing and exchange is encouraged, but at what cost to patient data?

The statistics are alarming. Every minute:

  • 232 computers are infected with malware,
  • 12 websites are successfully hacked,
  • 416 website hacking attempts are made,
  • Over 571 new websites are created, and
  • 204 million emails are sent.

But more importantly, on the black market, medical records are worth $60.00, whereas credit card data sells for only $20.00. Protected health information (PHI) is clearly a significant target.

Each year, cybercrime costs the economy $400 billion.

40 million people in the U.S. had their personal information stolen in 2013.

Given the expansive nature of hacking and the desirability of healthcare information, it is essential to adapt to threats. Firewalls were once the height of security, but now can be easily manipulated.

To prevent breaches you must perform a thorough risk assessment and determine the largest vulnerabilities of your practice’s security. Prioritize attacks that may disrupt your operations.

We help our clients put tailored security measures into place to prevent breaches and find the balance between data sharing and mitigating risk.

You need to know what threats your practice will face and how best to prevent them. Insider snooping is extremely problematic and can be combatted through thorough pre-employment screening and training.

Make security a priority and perform regular audits. Stay on top of your security to prevent breaches, but don’t forget to prepare your employees to deal with the aftermath of a breach.

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