Are you ready for Uber health care?

If not, now is the time to get your practice on board with the evolving technology.

Health care could soon be tailored specifically to the needs of the Detroit community through the use of technology.

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At the Techonomy Detroit conference, Aetna Inc. CEO Mark Bertolini said that technology tailored healthcare could lower costs and improve treatment in a community such as Detroit.

This proposed approach would look specifically at the needs of the community. For example, if a population has a high rate of diabetics, there would be more diabetes education offered.

Bertolini has proposed using technology similar to the ride company Uber.

He said the nurse is like the driver, acting as a point of contact for patients with health issues. This is extremely practicable in the case of patients with chronic conditions.

The nurse then works with the patient and health care providers to develop care plans, educate patients, and improve health outcomes.

The Uber health care model is currently being tested in three cities that have a larger than normal sick population.

The model is supposed to make a large difference in the chronically ill community and help the community at a larger scale.

This approach will allow more tailored care to avoid wasteful and costly solutions.

Other approaches discussed at the conference also treat health as a community issue.

Another presenter discussed Way to Wellville, which encourages healthier diets and healthy habits over a period of five years in certain cities. Muskegon was one of the chosen cities.

The results will be monitored via sick days and school absences.

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