Are COVID-19 Lawsuits Coming?

Yes, COVID-19 lawsuits are coming.

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There has already been an uptick in personal injury lawsuits alleging negligence, gross negligence, violations of law and malpractice against skilled nursing facilities.

The early COVID-19 healthcare lawsuits will test the limits put in place to protect health care providers from litigation.

Limits on liability were established early on to protect healthcare providers while they responding to the pandemic. These limits were to account for the many unknowns and urgent circumstances.

Beyond healthcare litigation, there is speculation that businesses could face lawsuits from employees who contracted COVID-19 at work and spread it to their families.

One such wrongful death ‘take home’ lawsuit was filed by Esperanza Uglade’s daughter, alleging her mother died from COVID-19 that her father got at work.

Similar take-home cases are common in asbestos litigation.

If you are an employer or a healthcare provider, make sure that you are following guidelines and requiring masks and social distancing.

It is too soon to know what the courts will do in wrongful death, malpractice, negligence and gross negligence suits related to COVID-19 against healthcare providers and employers.

The best way to protect your practice or your business is to continue following all guidelines and if you have any employees or patients contact you with allegations, involve your healthcare attorney.

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