Who Benefits from ObamaCare?


Although there is a lot of political debate about whether ObamaCare is good or bad, the truth is “everyone” benefits in some way.

Why?  Even if you have decided that we should repeal ObamaCare altogether, there are parts of the law that everyone will want to keep.

So what are these benefits?

1)  3.1 Million Young Adults are benefiting from being able to stay on their parent’s health insurance policy until age 26.  If you have a college graduate, like I do, that is working hard to secure a good job, we feel fortunate to be able to keep her health coverage while she searches for a job with health benefits.

2)  105 Million people who no longer have to worry about life-time caps on their health benefits.  For people struggling with cancer or other life long illnesses, this is a huge relief.

3)  6.1 Million Senior Citizens who no longer have a “doughnut hole” in their Part D Medicare coverage.

4)  3.2 Million Small Businesses are eligible for tax credits for providing health benefits to their employees.

5)  4.4 Million low income adults will have access to Medicaid due to Medicaid expansion.

6)  Up to 129 Million adults will not be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditionsArticle

Many of us may disagree about how to “fix” healthcare, but few of us would argue that the US Healthcare industry needs some serious repairs.  The above benefits from ObamaCare need to be included in any healthcare system we adopt going forward.

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