Can Patients Still Have High Deductible Health Plans?

Surprisingly the answer is “yes.”  Due to a loophole in ObamaCare, high deductible plans are still allowed when an employer  also offers one health plan to its employees that meets the Affordable Care Act’s requirements.

For the healthcare practitioner, this means that it is more important than ever to check to see what coverage each patient has before assuming that a health insurance care will cover all costs.

Many companies are providing its employees with “fixed indemnity” plans which will cover certain services like a doctor’s visit for a set price but will have limits on the amount of visits per year.  Thus, many necessary services will not be covered or the patient will max out of coverage before the necessary services are provided.

Starting in 2015, employers with over 50 employees must provider health plans that meet the basic requirements of the Affordable Care Act or face penalties.  Many employers are planning on offering 2 plans – one that meets the basic requirements and one that does not.  Article

Healthcare practitioners must remember to:

1.  Check each patient’s insurance prior to providing care.

2.  Educate your staff about ObamaCare.

3.  Educate your patients about the changes in their insurance.  Communication is “key” to a happy patient.

4.  If patients have questions your staff can’t answer, have them call their insurance company, employer or 1-800-318-2596 for questions about

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