Can You Monitor Your Patients Using A Smartphone?

Are you using your smartphone as a health device?  If you aren’t now, you will be in the future.

ObamaCare requires healthcare providers to monitor high-risk patients.  Doctors are using a patient’s smartphone  to determine if their heart is racing or their blood pressure is on the rise.

Doctors are currently testing personal data trackers for high-risk patients.  For example, an electrocardiogram is placed in the patient’s smartphone to monitor the patient’s heart as they go about their daily activities.  The doctor is able to monitor the patient remotely through these new technologies.

These technologies maximize resources and help doctors determine what patient’s can benefit from certain interventions.  Currently, mobile apps, scales and activity trackers gather information about all levels of health.  The next generation of devices will allow the healthcare provider to monitor the patient with real time data.

The healthcare industry has been slow to adopt these new technologies for numerous reasons.

1)  Patient Ability:  Healthcare providers are concerned that patient’s are not able to accurately collect their data.

2)  No FDA Approval:  Healthcare providers are concerned that currently most of these technologies are not FDA approved.  The FDA is responsible for monitoring medical devices.

3)  Privacy:  There is always a concern that any device that utilizes the internet may not be secure and meet the necessary privacy standards.

These concerns among others are being addressed as the various technologies are being developed.  Electronic health record products are also partnering with medical mobile app providers to connect the technologies for better patient care.

Are you ready for these changes?

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