Telemedicine: Should your practice provide it?

Many employers would say ‘yes.’

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Telemedicine is a growing field that has offered many employers increased savings and productivity by employers.

Employers appreciate telemedicine because it allows employees to get healthier quicker, without having to take a day off to see their doctor. Some companies offer telemedicine benefits, others offer telemedicine directly to employees.

Michigan is one of the most permissive states regarding the use of telemedicine. However most states have had problems dealing with licensing issues and practicing across state lines.

The drive towards telemedicine stems from an increase in the use of technology and demands for better access, lower costs, and convenience. Telehealth spending is expected to rise from $240 million in 2014 to $2.2 billion in 2018 in the U.S.

There is also a steady push from employers, as a recent study of companies with at least 1,000 employees showed savings of up to $6 billion per year if employees routinely engaged in remote consults with telemedicine providers.

Both consumers and employers have found advantages from telemedicine, but it does not come without hurdles and questions for providers.

The law is unclear in many states regarding telemedicine.

Let us know what you think – will you offer telemedicine services to your patients?

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