What’s new in Stage 3?

Several things.

While Stage 3 meaningful use maintains some objectives from Stage 2, Stage 3 expands the scope of those objectives.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) stated that Stage 3 is the plan for what all healthcare providers will be – or should be – doing starting in 2018.

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Once finalized, the proposed Stage 3 rules will take effect in 2017.

CMS has acknowledged that the existing Stage 1 and Stage 2 meaningful use regulations are complex and burdensome on providers.

The goal of Stage 3 is to become simpler and more sustainable for future achievement. Basically, this boils down to a goal of focusing on objectives of advanced use.

Stage 3 has eight advanced use objectives about the movement of information to advance the improvement of healthcare. These objectives are:

  1. Protect electronic health information;
  2. e-Prescribing;
  3. Clinical decision support;
  4. Computerized provider order entry;
  5. Patient electronic access to data;
  6. Coordination of care through patient engagement;
  7. Health information exchange; and
  8. Public health reporting.

CMS has added flexibility to Stage 3 meaningful use regulations in an attempt to recognize how patients and providers currently interact.

For example, CMS may allow wearable devices and wellness apps to be a way to meet the criteria.

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CMS is optimistic that Stage 3 will eliminate providers and hospitals having to jump through unnecessary hoops to advance care.

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