What You Need to Know: Patient Data on Demand

As more and more data is accessible at the touch of a fingertip with technology, it may be of no surprise that healthcare is moving towards immediate access too.

ONC’s Cures Act Final Rule requires physicians to provide patients with electronic access to their records with no delay and at no cost.

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Patients can see their physician’s notes, sometimes before the doctor even knows the notes have been released.

Some physicians are worried about the release of records, expressing concerns about devastating test results being released to patients without counseling or a simultaneous care plan.

Other physicians have expressed concerns about parents having access to adolescent patients’ records.

The rule is aimed at removing barriers to patients getting copies of their medical records. It also helps patients access their records more easily through smartphone apps.

Studies have shown access to notes helps patients understand more about their health, remember their treatment plan, and stick to their medication better.

The Final Rule is designed to give patients and providers secure access to records, and also aims to increase innovation of new applications to provide patients with more choices in their healthcare.

Let us know what you think. Do you think the benefits associated with the Cures Rule outweigh potential issues?

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